The Educational Library

The library of Museum preserve and maintains literature of the Klodzko Land, starting from ex dwellers till contemporaries including collections,  address to everyone who would like to use them for the educational needs.  The Educational Library of Museum of the Klodzko Land has the biggest collection of books on the Klodzko Land,  constituting a serious workshop for the educational employees, students, teachers, pupils. Because of the charming atmosphere, this place is often used as place for lectures, appointments and conferences (organized not only by the Museum).The Library is situated in former refectory of the dormitory and consists of 2 rooms – reading-room and warehouse room. The reading-room with area of 104,44 square meters and 5 meters of height, as a decoration has the wonderful ceiling with facet’s corners, decorated with stuccos which have diversified character. On the ceilings there are pearly ornaments, constituting the frame forms on the whole ceiling, which in central point is being decorated with emblem of the foundation’s founder who developed the dormitory – Christopher Metzinger von Kaltenstein, an imperial counselor’s court and chancellor of archduke Karol.

Person responsible e-mail Telephone
Irena Klimaszewska 74 867 35 70
(extension: 21)

About Library’s books collection

The collection of books numbers about 12.000 inventory’s units, from which fall on local books more than 5 000 tomes, although their real sizes would be bigger if we add the collection of documents from community’s life in region, numbering at the moment more than 4.000 units. 

Terms of use

1. Everyone interested can use the collections of the Library.

2. Using collections is free of charge.

3. The books, magazines and other materials collected in Library man can use only on the spot.

4. The reader has the right to use in Library his owned publications on condition that he tell about it earlier.

5. The reader can copy some of publications in the Library. We do not copy materials released before the year 1945, as well as the ones which are in bad condition. Copying is not free of charge.



It is worth to say that the Library’s collections are permanently subject-matter of interests and studies on the Polish representative and university’s institutions hands. The Library cooperates with many educational, culture and learning institutions in and out of country, among others there are University of Wroclaw and University in Hradec – Kralove, as well as museums, archives and culture – educational institutions of Czech - Poland borderlands, including the facilities in Duszniki Zdrój, Bystrzyca Klodzka, Nachod, Sumperk and Rychnov.

Popularization’s activity

Not only collecting, elaborating and sharing the collections belongs to the scope of Museum’s Library, but also popularization of regional literature and interests development of region’s history. Across the local press, as well as varied kinds of periodical and information publications it has been written about Library, its resources and educational work. For years it has been elaborated and published in some Polish and Czech periodical, review of regional publications, enabling the possibility for interested people to orientate in publishing novelty about this region.

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