Historical Department

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The Historical Department works on collecting, scientific elaboration and then sharing in form of exhibitions and publications of objects related with history of the Klodzko Land. The scope of interests of the exhibits is chronological: from the oldest histories to the nowadays.

The collections of the Historical Department are represented by following groups:

  1. Archival materials (manuscripts, typescripts, prints)
  2. Iconographic materials (post – cards, photos)
  3. Cartographic materials (maps, schemes, atlases)
  4. Objects of art and material culture (tools, devices, articles of daily use, middle-class clothes, creations of craft’s and industrial production)
  5. Numismatic materials (coins, banknote, substitute money)
  6. Sfragistic’s materials (Stamp’s pistons, stamps)
  7. Medal’s materials (souvenir medals, orders, tourist badges)
  8. Historic realities (historic souvenirs, moving militaries, flags, uniforms)
  9. Archaeological objects (creations of former cultures, cross-country traces of primitive colonization)

Publications related with the collections of Historic Department:

  1. “Guidebook about the collections of Museum of the Klodzko Land”, Klodzko 2008 – includes descriptions of particular Department’s collections: elaborated by K. Oniszczuk-Awiżeń, B. Frydrych
  2. “Klodzko Land in former cartography”, Klodzko 1995 – catalogue of cartographic collections: elaborated by K. Oniszczuk-Awiżeń (it was in progress then the presentation of the collection on temporary exhibition)
  3. “The Appearance of the City”, Klodzko 1986 – includes the catalogue of presented exhibits on permanent exhibition (related with the Klodzko’s history): elaborated by K. Oniszczuk-Awiżeń
  4. “The House in the mirror of past time. The cultural and social space at the turn of the 19th and 20th century”, Klodzko 2001 – the catalogue of material culture from the beginnings of 20th century, presented on temporary exhibition (elaborated by K. Oniszczuk-Awiżeń and K. Toczyńska-Rudysz)
  5. K. Oniszczuk-Awiżeń, the company’s catalogues from the Klodzko’s Land glassworks in Museum’s of the Klodzko Land collection “Books about the Museum of the Klodzko Land”, no. 10, Klodzko 2009
  6. “Klodzko on the former postcard” (elaborated by K. Oniszczuk-Awiżeń)


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Senior Custodian
Krystyna Oniszczuk-Awiżeń
dh@muzeum.klodzko.pl 74 867 35 70
(extension 27)
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