Department of relics recording

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Department of Relics Recording was established in order to record collections as an integral part of the Museum of the Klodzko Land. Its basic task is registration of relics, collected by museum (own collections) and relics under temporary facility care (temporary hires and deposit). All storages are under the authority of department of Relics Recording. It is responsible for collections preserved, keeping watch on proper security operations, especially in relation to fire protection, in case breaking, taking care of safekeeping relics in proper way (humidity, temperature) and also cleanliness and order in warehouses. In the scope of recording relics, department cooperates with all substantial departments, for example giving the inventory number from appropriate department record after consultancy with heads of these departments. Department of Relics Recording cooperates also with photo–studio in order to have a  photographic documentation of collections. It prepares objects to take pictures, takes over pictures and keeps watch on proper management of collections photos. The department is responsible for all movement of relics, recording them in the Register of Relics Movement and Deposit Register. Other tasks of this department are the preparation of contracts and receipts for lending and also keeping watch on punctuality their realization. In case of lending, department is responsable for all the documentation set for temporary or permanent exhibitions. The department takes final decision about objects to buy proposal coming from the heads of  other departments. It conducts correspondence with bidders and prepares bills to buy objects. The department cooperates with all substantial departments of the museum by preparing temporary and permanent exhibitions. Documentation of Department of relics recording include: Income Register of exhibits, Movement Register of Exhibits, Book of Deposits, Scientific catalogue (exemplary) of the collections, Evidence Register of bought exhibits (portfolio – copies), Receipt Register (in accordance with Movement Register of Exhibits), Register of Deposits (in accordance with Book of Deposits), Register of Objects being exposed on renovation in museum’s joinery, Register of prominent objects exhibited on permanent and temporary exhibitions in Museum’s building.


Person responsible e-mail Telephone
Renata Kuźmińska 74 867 35 70
(extension 29)
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