Department of Art

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The Department of Art elaborates and organize art’s exhibits, which are related with Klodzko Land: starting with exhibits which came from the region, going through related artists who work here, ending on exhibits presenting the Klodzko Land.The varied collections of the Museum include both exhibits with artistic value, like sculptures (sacred mainly), painting (religious, historic, generic and landscape), and graphic (including linoleum’s, steel’s, copper’s and other rites) as exhibits of useful art, among others: furniture, trunks and dishes. Especially rich, presented on permanent exhibition, is the collection of clocks coming from industrialization period of this region. The attractive collection of glass, produced on the Klodzko Land after 1945 year, is presented in form of permanent exhibition, which is included in regional tradition of glass-production. The Department of Art, in cooperation with Department of relics recording, determines condition of maintained exhibits and takes care of their conservation. In cooperation with Educational Department elaborates Museum’s lessons on the basis of maintained exhibits.

Person responsible e-mail Telephone
Museum Assistant
Joanna Stoklasek-Michalak 74 867 35 70
(extension 14)
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